Charlie’s Advent Calendar: Day 16 – DIY Pine cone ornament


This is a super easy, cute and very cheap ornament for our Christmas trees, the pinecones I found in the woods and the silk ribbons I had at home, all I needed to purchase was the hemp string.img_6174


You need:

Pine cones (I found mine in the woods, the nature is a great source of supplies for a DIY:er)

String of some sort (I used hemp string)


Silk ribbons



  • I purchased some hemp string and cut a piece long enough to attach to my pinecone, yet still fit around a tree branch.  I glued the two ends to the top of the pinecone.
  • Tie a bow out of the ribbon and with the help of some hot glue, on the top of the cone attach the bow to the pinecone. And you are done – now you can hang this ornament in your Christmas tree.img_6174



Charlie xx



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