Charlie’s Advent Calendar: Day 19 – Gift Thoughts


picture from Google


I’ve been blessed with Christmas gifts as long as i may remember, and it is a wonderful experiance.

Waking up extremely early, the excitement, the long and exhilirating wait.

I can sometimes miss being a child, especcialy around the magic that lives within Christmas.

I live Christmas like no one else, its magic enrichess my life. I start listening to Christmas music in october, i start making DIY decorations in nevember, and by the end of novembre the entire house looks like a Christmas land.

I dont love Christmas due to its ppresents, i think one can gran tone another with gifts, but one shall put in aq loy of thought into them, be considerate of the person in question. A gift should come from the heart, it doesnt mater if it has cost $ 10, $100 or if one has made it oneself.


Charlie xx


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