Charlie’s Advent Calendar: day 20 – DIY Candy cone

img_7000I like to have something sweet in my Christmas tree, that’s a complete, lie – I like to fill my tree with sweet things. I have gingerbread cookies, with our names written on them in sugar icing. I have heart baskets filled with candy, candy cones, filled with chocolates! Why? Because every time I pass the Christmas tree I can nibble on something, isn’t that just the greatest thing ever? I do realize that it might not be very healthy, but can you really be healthy at Christmas? Maybe one can but I sure cant. I want hot chocolate in the evening after a long cold day, I want Nutella filled crepes on Christmas fairs, I want chocolates around the clock so now lets create a Christmas candy cane together?


What you need


Paper, rather large sheets of a color of your choosing

Ribbon, of your choosing



A main course plate



With the help of a main course plate, draw a circle. Cut it out and fold in the middle so that you have a half circle.

Start rolling the left bottom towards the right. When the paper finishes staple it as high up as possible. Glue a ribbon along the edge of the cone.

On the inside of the cone staple a ribbon as high up as possible and bring it over in a half circle towards the other way towards the opposite side and attach it, now you can hang it in your tree.

Fill it with chocolate truffles and hang it in your tree.img_7004

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