Pear and blue cheese tart

Happy 23rd of December! who’s in the kitchen today? I assume most of us, its the day before Christmas and i have been stressed out these past days doing all sorts of things, from making homemade chocolates, homemade fudge, real food, preparing the Christmas ham, so time to post recipes has been lacking.

Pear and blue cheese tart, its easy and so delicious, interesting. It’s the perfect food for a girls night along with some salad and a lot of wine.


For the pastry 

200 g (2 cups ) all purpose flour

1 teaspoon fine sea salt

130 g (1/2 cup) butter

1 large egg

For the topping 

2 large firm pears, cut into thin wedges

85 g (3 ounces) blue cheese (roquefort) crumbled

3 medium sprigs rosemary

3 tbsp olive oil

sea salt

peppercorns, crushed with mortar and pestle


  • for the pastry, combine the flour and salt in a large bowl. add the butter and use a knife to cut it into the flour until there are just small pieces left.  quickly rub the butter into the flour with your fingers until combined. add the egg and mix with the dough hooks of an electric mixer until crumbly. form the dough into a firm disc, wrap it in plastic wrap and freeze for 10 minutes.
  • preheat the oven to 200 °C/ 400 F
  • on a table countertop, place the dough between 2 sheets of plastic wrap and use a rolling pin to roll out into a large disc, large enough to line the bottom and sides of a 12 inch (30 cm) quiche dish.
  • fit the dough into the dish pushing it into the dish, especially along the edges. let the dough hang over the rim a little or cut it off . use a fork to pick the dough all over. bake for 15- 18 minutes.
  • arrange the pear wedges in overlapping circles on top of the warm rebaked pastry. sprinkle with the cheese and most of the rosemary. drizzle with olive oil, season to taste with sea salt and crushed peppercorns.
  • bake for 15 minutes or until cheese has melted and the pastry is crisp
  • enjoy warm or cold!



Charlie xx


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