Charlie’s world

Welcome to Charlie’s world,

Charlie’s world is my happy place. It might be quite insignificant on the large web, but for me its a place where I can express myself. I can share my opiniIMG_4137ons, cry about my problems, share my happiness, show off my amazing creations in the kitchen and truthfully just be a weirdo.

I’m Charlotte and am a woman in my 20’s, I’m a book lover, a foodie, a psychologist, a writer, a cake lover, animal lover and a professional weirdo. I love to hike in the mountains, drink fancy overpriced coffee while chatting with my girls, have a dance party in my penguin onesie, drink lots of wine and go mad with Don Julio once in while (but lets keep that in between you and me shall we?).

So please come in and be apart of my life, leave a comment, press like, spread some love and you will have put a smile on my face.


Charlie xx








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