end Of an Era

Hello peeps!

The time has come, to say goodbye to Charlie’s world!

many of you have followed me since the start, when I was a recent high school student and were about to take that big leap and move across the continent and stand on my own two feet for the first time, thousands of miles from my home and my family. I now have a masters degree in my hands and I’m about to begin a new chapter of my life. I have had the most wonderful readers, who have cheered me on as i struggled in my studies and in doubt.

The end of charlie’s world however do not mean the end of me in the blogosphere. I have set up a new blog and a new start, something that will suit me better as the person i has grown into in these past couple of years, so come on over to : https://charlieskitchenstories.wordpress.com

With Love 

Charlie XX



Brick oven cooked lamb stew


Today’s recipe is a lamb stew that has been cooked in my brick oven for 24 hours; it requires minimal work and has an amazing taste to it, it’s a great hearty comfort food.

We have a brick oven in our backyard and to say that it is used frequently is a big lie. But every now and again we fire it up, and we fill it up, we make pizza, legume stews, bread, vegetables and much more.

This stew one can make both in cast iron pot/dish on low heat or in a brick oven.



2.2 pounds/ 1 kg of lamb meat

1 onion

2 potatoes diced

2 garlic cloves

½ dried chili pepper

1 celery stalk, chopped

1 carrot chopped

½ bottle of a good red wine

2 cups/4.5 dl of vegetable broth




Cumin seeds

Fennel seeds

Olive oil


  1. Start by chopping the vegetables (not the garlic cloves). Place in the cast iron dish with a bit of olive oil.

(if you are cooking on a regular stove. Let all vegetables cook together with a bit of olive oil for about five minutes.)

  1. Add the meat.

(If you are cooking it on a stove let the meat cook for a few minutes until it has gotten a bit of color.IMG_7671

  1. Add spices and chili pepper. Cover with wine and broth. Cover with a lid.
  2. Place cast iron dish in brick oven.
  3. Stir every 4-5 hours, if you notice that the liquid starts to evaporate, add some more.
  4. Taste and season with salt and pepper.
  5. Enjoy.



Charlie xx


Garlic And Chili Sautéed Cavolo Nero


Cavolo nero is pretty much the Italian verson of kale. I love kale and I eat it as often as possible but sometimes its good to vary ones food and then cavolo nero is great.

This recipe is fast and makes a perfect and healthy side dish.



1tbsp olive oil

3 garlic cloves, finely sliced

14 oz. / 400g cavolo nero,

stalks removed and leaves sliced into 2 cm ribbons

½ chili finely sliced optional



  1. Heat the oil in a large pan over a medium heat. Add the garlic and fry for 1 minutes, the add the cavolo nero and chili. Season with salt and pepper and stir for 3-4 minutes or until the cavolo nero has wilted.



Charlie xx

Past week 

Happy Friday and happy weekend. 

This week has actually been quite eventful. 

It has contained a lot of beautiful happenings and the creation of many new dreams and possibilities, but those are kept in secret for now.

I fianally got around to see this splendid and enchanting movie ( review coming) and I’m going to rewatch it tomorrow night. Such a beautiful move. 100% a Charlie movie. It instantly became one of my favorite movies. 

Having busy schedules, it’s hard to get some alone time in, but Tuesday afternoon we got around to have some afternoon tea. 

I went out with my girlfriends and had a pizza night, just because I looooove pizza…. ( I could never do a diet) 

The sun was shining in the beginning of the week, I thought that spring was here but now it’s all white outside, so I took my baby outside. 

Some recipes are coming soon and also some reviews 


Charlie xx

Oven baked kale salad with chèvre cheese


Happy Monday,

Mondays are always a stressful day, or it feels that way after being at home for two days taking it easy and doing exactly what one wishes to do, going back to work, school or whatever it might be can sometimes be a bit hard.

This is a fast, filling and quick meal that one can enjoy either for dinner or lunch.


2 persons

3 ½ cup of kale

Lemon juice and peel from one lemon



Olive oil



Levain bread

Chèvre cheese (goat cheese)

Pine nuts


start by washing and drying the kale and cut it into small pieces (i bought pre washed and cut). Shop the shallots mix with the kale. Place in a mixing bowl.

Dressing; mix olive oil, lemon juice, lemon zest, salt pepper and honey. Pour over the kale and massage it until the kale is covered in dressing.

Cut 2 slices of levain bread. pour a bit of olive oil on top.

Slice the chèvre cheese, cover the bread with cheese, and pour honey on top and sprinkle with pine nuts.

Place the kale in an ovenproof dish. Place the bread on top and place in the oven at 400°F /200°C for 5 minutes or until the cheese has melted.



Charlie xx

New family member 

Hello and happy Tuesday, 

So I haven’t been the most active blogger lately. I usually post 2 times a week and I plan on continue doing so, as soon as I get some sort of routine here at home, as we have been blessed with a new family member – a 12 week old Labrador puppy named Thor. 

He is up to mischief constantly, but he has the face of an angel and is a total momma’s boy…. he struggles to sleep at night and wants to cuddle and be close, and having a full day, coming home in between 6-7 pm he does not leave much time for blogging. But as soon as we come into some sort of routine, updates will be more regular. 


Charlie xx